The gallery and Ramakien Story

     The gallery which surrounding every buildings in the temple, there are mural paintings which depict the story of the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana epic. This story is the battle between Tosakanth who is the King of demons and King Rama (human being). The story tell about Tosakanth kidnaps the Queen of King Rama whose name is Sida, and takes her to Longka city, where he hopes that she will fall in love with him but she doesn’t. In the battle that follow, Tosakanth asks his innumerable relatives and friends to join him, whereas King Rama has a monkey army and the great monkey worriors under his command. Finally, Tosakanth is defeated and King Rama takes Sida back to Ayodhaya, his capital city. The painting consists of 178 sections. The first picture is located just opposite of the Spired Hall. And they proceed in a clockwise directions. The painting were first done in the reign of King Rama I and have been renovated many times.

FRAME 60 :Kumbhakarna fought against Laksman.

                      Ramadeva sent Laksman to fight against Kumbhakarna. He was hurt by the lance and lost his conscious. The monkey soldiers were angry and killed the enemy until dusk.Kumbhakarna withdrew the army back to Lanka and reported to Dasakanta that Laksman was killed.

FRAME 61 :Hanuman collected all the medicine to cure Laksman.

          Ramadeva had been informed by Nilananda that his brother was hurt and rushed to the battle field.Bibhek advised that Laksman was still alive but he needed some magic herb and the holy water to compose a medicine. Ramadeva asked Hanuman to stop the sun not to shine in the morning and collect all those herbs and holy water at several places. Bibhek compose the medicine to cure the wound and make Laksman became alive.

FRAME 62 :Kumbhakarna enlarged his body to dam the river to stop it from flowing to Ramadeva’s camp.

      Kumbhakarna was exasperated to learn that Laksman was still alive by Bibhek’s helping hands. He enlarged his body to stop the river that flowed to Ramadeva camp so that the monkey soldiers would starve to die. There was only his wife and the other four ladies who knew where he was.

FRAME 63 :Hanuman saved the situation.

           The monkey soldiers informed Ramadeva that the river was dried up. Bibhek informed that it was Kumbhakarna who made it. Ramdeva then sent Hanuman to correct the situation. Hanuman found Kumbhakarna by this talents and tricking and chased the demon away.

FRAME 64 :Kumbhakarna fought against Ramadeva and was killed by him.

       Kumbhakarna informed Dasakanta that he would go out to fight again next day. There were bad signs occurred to him when he was going out to the battle field. In the battle, Ramadeva shot Kumbhakarna to fall down from the carriage. The demon saw Ramadeva had four arms with green halo, so he realized that Ramadeva was Narayana’s reincarnation.Kumbhakarnaapoligised to Ramadeva and died.

FRAME 65 :Indrajit fought against Laksman.

                    Dasakanta asked his son Indrajit to fight against Ramadeva. His mother – Mando, warned him not to underestimated Ramadeva’s army who killed many of their relatives.

FRAME 66 :The first battle between Indrajit and Laksman, without distinctive result.

             Indrajit went to the battle field to fight with Ramadeva. Laksman was out to the battle according to Bibhek advice.The fight had no decisive result and ceased at the dusk.

FRAME 67 :Indrajit performed a ritual to empower the Nagabas arrow.

           Indrajit performed a magic ritual for seven days to empower to his bow and arrow Nagabas. Because of the magic of the ceremony, the nagas (serpents) came to put potion to the arrow.

FRAME 68 :Mangkarakantha retarded the battle.

  Dasakanta asked Mangkarakantha to fight with Ramadeva while Indrajit performed the rite.Dasakanta arranged the feast to welcome Mangkarakantha in Lanka City.

FRAME 69 :Ramadeva killed Mangkarakantha.

          Ramadeva fought with Mangkarakanta. Ramadeva was shot by Mangkarakanta but with his divinity spirit, the arrow did not hurt him. Moreover, Ramadeva could destroy Mangkarakanta’s arrow and killed most of the demon soldiers.Mangkarakanta flew into the sky to hide in the clouds and duplicated thousands of his appearance to fight instead. However, with Bibhek advice.Ramadeva could killed the real body of the demon.

FRAME 70 :Virunyamukha retarded the fight.

Dasakanta asked his nephew Virunyamukha who was Virunyacampang’s son to fight against Ramadeva’s army to retard for Indrajit to come back.

FRAME 71 :The ritual performance to empower the arrow was destroyed.

   Bibhek unfold the mystery that Indrajit did the magic ritual to empower his bow and arrow at ArkasaGiri Mountain and suggested Ramadeva to send the soldiers to destroy the ceremony. Jambuvaraja volunteered to destroy the ceremony. He transformed himself to a big wild bear and destroyed the Rotan tree where Indrajit made the rite. He would need one more hour to fulfill the ceremony. Therefore, he asked Virunyamukha to retard the fight for him. At last, Virunyamukha was caught and brought by Hanuman to Laksman.

FRAME 72 :Laksman was shot by Indrajit.

        Virunyamukha had not been killed. He was punished and sent back to Indrajit. Indrajit completed his ceremony and flew in the sky to shoot the arrow down to the battle field. The arrow became thousand of serpents and tied all the monkey soldiers as well as Laksman. Only Bibhek still free as he was the relatives of the demon prince.

FRAME 73 :Ramadeva aided his brother.

           Ramadeva was unconscious after learning that Laksmanas shot by Indrajit’s arrow.He was corrected by Bibhek and been advised to shoot the arrow to call the Garuda, king of birds, to destroy and expell the nagas (serpents).

FRAME 74 :Indrajit performed a magic ritual for the Brahmas arrow, Kampan fought against Ramadeva’s army.

        Indrajit performed a magic ritual to his arrow – Brahmmas, for three days. During the ceremony, nobody should not telling him about the death. Dasakanta sent AsuraKampan to fight with Ramadeva’s army.Bibhek with the monkey soldiers went out to seeking food for the army.

FRAME 75 :Indrajit performed a magic ritual, Kampan was killed by Hanuman. Indrajit changed himself into God Indra to fight against Laksman.

        AsuraKampan came to fight Laksman and was killed by Hanuman. Dasakanta who forgot the prohibition of the ceremony was frighten and asked the soldiers to informed Indrajit of the death of AsuraKampan. Since, the ceremony was destroyed by the news of AsuraKampan’s death, Indrajit then transformed himself into God Indra and the soldiers were all transformed to deities and angels and performed a troop the same as the troop of God Indra and flew.

FRAME 76 :Laksman was shot by the magic arrow. Bibhek told how he can be cured.

                 Laksman was tricked by Indrajit who changed his appearance into God Indra. He was shot by the demon. Hanuman was badly mad and fought against the demon, he killed the elephants and was hit by Indrajit and was unconscious. Indrajit returned to town and proundly informed to Dasakanta for his victory. Ramadeva went to the battle field and misunderstood that his brother was dead and got fainted among the unconscious army. Dasakanta asked Trijata to bring Sita to the battle field. She was in deep sorrow and thought that her husband was dead. Trijata suggested to make wish by with cart that they were riding as the widow could not make the cart float in the air. Sita did it and the cart flew back to Lanka City.Bibhek came from seeking for food and learnt about the fight. He went to help Ramadeva and Hanuman at the battle field and asked Hanuman to seeking for medicine to cure Laksman.

FRAME 77 :Ramadeva withdrew the army back to the camp. Indrajit volunteered to fight against Ramadeva again.

                At night, Dasakanta and Indrajit were frighten to learn that Laksman was recovered. Indrajit then planned to win by two tricks. Firstly, he would perform a magic ritual Kumbhaniya to make himself immortal. Secondly, having Sukhacara, a prisoner, transformed into Sita appearance and killed him in the battle in order that Ramadeva would withdraw the troop if Sita was dead.

FRAME 78 :Indrajit played a trick, head off the demon transformed into Sita. Ramadeva sent a soldier to discover the truth.

                     Indrajit pretended to return Sita to Laksman, then cut the head of the transformed Sita and threw the head to Laksman. The demon also announced to kill all Ramadeva’s relatives in Ayudhaya City and move the army back. Laksman did not know about this trick and was threaten by the demon. He returned to informed Ramadeva who was badly distressed after learning the news. Bibhek commented that it would be Indrajit’s trick and sent Sugriba. Hanuman and Angata to discover the truth.The monkey soldiers then discovered that it was a demon transformed into Sita as doubted.

FRAME 79 :Laksman broke the magic ceremony.

    Indrajit performed a magic ritual in the bamboo forest.Bibhek suggested Ramadeva to send Laksman to destroy the ceremony and killed Indrajit as he checked the fate of the demon and learned that the demon would be killed by Laksman.Laksman went to the bamboo forest and destroyed the ceremony as well as the three magic arrows of the demon.Indrajit realized that he would die soon, so he withdrew the army to Lanka City to bid farewell to his parent and wife.

FRAME 80 :Indrajit was killed in battle.

 Indrajit bid the last farewell to his father mother – Mando and his wife. He fought with Laksman and was likely to be killed.Bibhek informed Laksman that Indrajit got the blessing that if his head fallen down to earth, there was a fire to demolish the universe. Bibhek advised to send Angata to ask for a tray from Brahma to receive the demon’s head. Laksman shot Indrajit and the arrow cut the neck of the demon off the body while Angata received the demon’s head before it fell down to the ground.Laksman withdrew the army to the base camp and gave Indrajit’s head to Ramadeva. Ramadeva asked Angata to hold the tray in the sky and he shot the arrow to destroy the head according to Bibhek advice.

FRAME 81 : The cremation of Indrajit outside the city of Lanka.

            Dasakanta grievously learnt about the dead of Indrajit and went out to bring back the remains of his son to town. He arranged the cremation to the remain of Indrajit at Nilkala Mountain outside Lanka.

FRAME 82 : God Indra gave a magic war carriage to Ramadeva. Ramadeva fought against Dasakanta the first time.

    Dasakanta went out to fight together with his ten sons. However, all the sons were killed by Ramadeva and his monkey soldiers. Dasakanta fought with Laksman but could not defeat him. Dasakanta lost his army and all the weapons, he then withdrew the troop and returned to Lanka. Dasakanta invited his friend-Mulabalam to help him. Mulabalam also took his elder brother-Sahassateja who was the ruler of Pang Tal together.

FRAME 83 : Dasakanta invited his friend Mulabalam and Sahassateja to fight against Ramadeva.

    Dasakanta arranged a feast to welcome the two demon kings. The three demon kings went out to the battle field. There was a bad sign occured during the journey to hint that Mulabalam and Sahassateja would die in the field. However, the two demons were misunderstood that the sign was for Dasakanta and asked Dasakanta to return to the town.

FRAME 84 : Laksman killed Mulabalam in battle.

              Mulabalam and Sahassateja proceeded to the battle field. The monkey soldiers were frighten by Sahassateja and ran away into the jungle. Laksman fought against Mulabalam and killed the demon.

FRAME 85 : Hanuman lured Sahassateja and the demon was later killed.

   Bibhek advised Ramadeva to ask Hanuman to lure for a magic club from Sahassateja. Hanuman tricked to the demon and got the club. He broke the club into pieces and caught the demon to bring to Ramadeva. Sahassateja was insulted by the monkey soldiers and was killed by Hanuman at last.

FRAME 86 : Ramadeva killed Saeng Aditya.

        Dasakanta invited Saeng Aditya Khara’s son, to help him fought with Ramadeva. Saeng Aditya had a magic crystal disc which could kill anybody that it focused to. Bibhek advised to have Angata to get the disc from Brahmin Saeng Aditya fought with Laksman and Ramadeva and was killed with all the demon soldiers.

FRAME 87 : Ramadeva fought against Dasakanta without distinctive result.

Dasakanta went out to fight with Ramadeva by himself. However, the fight had no decisive result and withdrew the troop to town at dusk.

FRAME 88 : Dasakanta invited his friends and nephew to help in the battle.

                     Dasakanta invited his friend, Satlung-the ruler of Cakravala and Trimegha the ruler of Marjavari to help him fought against Ramadeva army. The latter two kings met in the middle way and joined together to Lanka. Dasakanta arranged the feast to welcome the two demon kings. In the following day, Satlung and Trimegha went out to the battle field.

FRAME 89 : The battle between Ramadeva and Laksman against the demons.

                In the battle, Satlung was killed by Ramadeva Trimegha was able to get away and hid himself in the sand. Hunuman followed the demon and killed him and brought the demon’s head back to give to Ramadeva.

FRAME 90 : Dasakanta performed a magic ritual to make himself immortal. Hanuman destroyed the ceremony.

        Dasakanta performed a magic ritual to make his body as strong as diamonds. In doing the rite, the performer should control his temper during the ceremony for seven days and seven nights. Ramadeva, by the advice of Bibhek, sent Hanuman, Sugriba and Nilananda to destroy the ceremony. The monkeys could not make the demon angry. Hanuman then went to Lanka and brought Mando, Dasakanta’s wife, to the ceremony site and teased her in front of Dasakanta to disturb him. Dasakanta could not stand for any longer, he then fought with the monkeys. Hanuman after succeeded in destroy the magic ritual, returned to the camp and reported to Ramadeva.

FRAME 91 : Dasakanta invited his friends to fight against Ramadeva.

      Dasakanta invited his friend-Sadhasura, and his nephew-Virunyacampang to help. The two demon kings arrived at Lanka to discuss about the war. Ramadeva had been informed of the presence of the two demons and prepared to go out for fight on the next day by himself.

FRAME 92 : Hanuman lured Saddhasura the demon to call weapons from the sky and later killed the demon.

                     Hanuman with Angata and another five hundred monkey soldiers went to the battle field to lure Saddhasura to called the weapons from the sky. Angata and the monkey soldiers hid themselves in the sky while Hanuman transformed into a wild monkey to lure Saddhasura to call the weapons from the sky. Saddhasura was tricked and called for weapons from the sky. The monkey soldiers who waited in the sky ceased all the weapons and kept them in the sky. Hanuman pretended to call the weapons and all the monkey soldiers threw the weapons down to the demon soldiers and killed most of them. Hanuman then fought with Saddhasura and killed him.

FRAME 93 : Virunyacampang hid in the ocean foam, Hanuman asked Vanarin where the demon was hidden.

                               Virunyacampang wanderred invisibly to kill the monkey soldiers. Ramadeva, however, was able to kill the demon soldiers and Virunyacampang’s horse. The demon flied away and hid himself in the ocean foam. Hanuman followed the demon to Angkasa Khiri and met Vanarin who told Hanuman of the demon’s hidden place. Hanuman got Vanarin as a wife.

FRAME 94 : Hanuman killed Virunyacampang.

                  Hanuman reached at the ocean near Sattabarn Mountain. He enlarged himself and used his tail to grapped the ocean foam and caught Virunyacampang. The demon was later killed by Hanuman.

FRAME 95 : Dasakanta sent his nephews to invite the Great Brahmin-Malivaraja.

           Dasakanta sent his nephews to invite his grand father-Malivaraja who had the holy words, to judge the dispute between him and Ramadeva. The demon king asked his nephews to make false accusation to Ramadeva in order that the grand father would curse Ramadeva to death. However, Malivaraja was the honest Brahmin. He questioned about Ramadeva and learnt that Ramadeva was a nephew of his closed friend-Ajapala, the late king of Ayudhaya. Therefore, Ramadeva could count as his nephew as well. Malivaraja then tried to compromise the two nephews, the demon and the human.

FRAME 96 : The Great Brahmin Malivaraja judge the case.

           Malivaraja in order to show his honest, came to judge the case at the battle which is the mid way between Lanka and Ramadeva Army camp. Malivaraja called for the presence of Dasakanta, Ramadeva, Sita and divine beings in order to investigate the case. Dasakanta gave false accusation to Ramadeva while the divine beings, Sita and Ramadeva gave the true story to Malivaraja. Malivaraja then judge that Dasakanta should return Sita to Ramadeva. The demon king was so angry and aggressed to his grand father. Malivaraja then cursed to the demon to be defeated by Ramadeva.

FRAME 97 : Dasakanta fired the statue of the divinities, Bhali as a divinity came to stop the ceremony.

            Dasakanta got revenge the divine beings by performing a ceremony to fire the statues of diving beings. God Isvara sent Bhali who was reborn as a deity in the heaven to destroy the ceremony.

FRAME 98 : Dasakanta fought against Ramadeva and Laksman. Laksman got hurt by the Kabilabhat lance.

          Mando advised Dasakanta to kill Bibhek who was the advisor in Ramadeva army. Bibhek knew his fate and told this to Ramadeva who asked Laksman to protect Bibhek during the fighting. In the fighting, Dasakanta tried to kill Bibhek by the demon’s lance but Laksman wiped off the lance and was stucked himself by the lance. He then fell down and lost his conscious.

FRAME 99 : Bibhek asked Hanuman to collect all the medicine to cure Laksman. Hanuman sneaked into Dasakanta’s palace and tied the demon’s hair with Mando’s

                   Hanuman went to collect the medicine according to Bibhek’s advice including the grind stone named Kaew Surakarn which was used by Dasakanta as a pillow in the bed chamber. Hanuman made everyone in Lanka city fell asleep by his magic and stole the grind stone from Dasakanta’s bed chamber. He then tied up Dasakanta’s hair to that of Mando and spelled that the hair could not untied unless Mando knocking to Dasakanta’s head for three times. After getting all the medicine, Hanuman went back to the battle field. Bibhek composed the medicine to cure Laksman.

FRAME 100 : Ramadeva fought against Dabanasura. Sugriba killed the demon and Mando performed a ritual to make a potion.

      Dasakanta invited his elder stepbrother, Dabanasura, for help. The demon enlarged himself and devoured the monkey soldiers into his stomach.    In the fight, Sugriba was able to cut the demon’s arms but it was survived and used its legs to fight against the monkey. Ramadeva then killed the  demon with his arrow and revived all the dead monkey soldiers. In Lanka City, Mando volunteered to produce a potion to revived the dead relatives and demon soldiers to fight against Ramadeva. During the magic ritual, Dasakanta sent his sons, Dasagirivan and Dasagiridhara to fight with Ramadeva. The two demons were killed in the battle.

FRAME 101 : Dasakanta used the potion to revive the dead demons to fight against Ramadeva.

      Dasakanta, after getting the potion from his wife, sprayed the potion over the corpse of his relatives and soldiers to make those corpse became alive and fought with Ramadeva army. These revival demons could not be killed by any weapons. Then, Bibhek advised to trap the revival demons by diamond net and sent Hanuman to destroy the magic ritual.

FRAME 102 : Hanuman destroyed the potion making ceremony.

              There is a prohibition of performing the magic ritual to produce the potion that the performer should have not had the sexual relationship during the period of performing the ceremony. Otherwise, the magic of the potion would be washed out. Hanuman who had been told about the prohibition, then transformed himself into Dasakanta pretended that he had the victory in the war and took Mando back to the palace. He then had the sexual relationship with Dasakanta’s wife which automatically destroy the power of the potion.

FRAME 103 : Ramadeva shot Dasakanta into pieces but the demon was immortalized.

          Dasakanta fought with Ramadeva and was shot all over the body but the demon still survive as he kept his heart out of his body and gave it to his teacher Goputra. Bibhek told Ramadeva of this secret and asked him to lure the heart box from the hermit Goputra. Hanuman volunteered to steal the heart box. He went out with Angata for the mission.

FRAME 104 : Hanuman volunteered to get Dasakanta’s heart box from Goputra.

            Hanuman and Angata pretended to have a falling out with Ramadeva and asked Goputra to bring them to Dasakanta in order that they could get revenge. Goputra was glad that Dasakanta would have the great warrior to help in fighting. The hermit took the two monkeys to Lanka. Hanuman asked the hermit to bring along the heart box, otherwise Ramadeva would send the soldier to steal it when no one was guarding it. The hermit agreed and brought the box along with him. Before they reach Lanka, the monkey suggested to leave the box with Angata, otherwise the heart would re-enter into Dasakanta body. The hermit was deceived and gave the heart box to Angata to protect. Hanuman secretly told Angata to keep the real box and duplicated one to return to Goputra. Dasakanta got Hanuman as a stepson and he volunteered to fight on the next day.

FRAME 105 : Hanuman pretended to fight Laksman to make Dasakanta believed in him.

              Hanuman went out to fight with Laksman, however, he pretended to fight but not really hurt any soldiers and withdrew the troop back to Lanka at dusk.

FRAME 106 : Dasakanta accepted Hanuman as a stepson. Hanuman lured Dasakanta to go out in battle.

           Dasakanta was deceived that Hanuman was really honest to him. He gave all of Indrajit’s assets to Hanuman. The monkey tricked the demon to go out on the next day.

FRAME 107 : Hanuman showed the heart box.

                 Dasakanta was tricked by Hanuman. The monkey then showed the heart box to the demon which made him threaten and begged for the heart box. Dasakanta realized that he came to the end of his life and withdrew the troop back to the city to bid the last farewell to his wives and the followers.

FRAME 108 : Dasakanta said farewell to his relatives before going out to the last battle.

Dasakanta bid the last farewell to his wives, Mando and Kala Aggi as well as the followers. He went out to the last fight on the next day.

FRAME 109 : Dasakanta transformed himself into God Indra and fought against Ramadeva.

            Dasakanta changed his appearance into the charactor of God Indra. In the fight, he was shot by Ramadeva while Hanuman crushed the heart box into pieces. Before he died, the demon king had the last instruction to Bibhek to look after his wives and the city.

FRAME 110 : Bibhek brought the remain of Dasakanta to Lanka.

The remaining of Dasakanta had been arranged to return to Lanka City.

FRAME 111 : Sita proved her purity by walking on fire.

                        Bibhek managed to bring Sita back to Ramadeva. Sita performed an ordeal of walking on fire to prove her faithfulness to Ramadeva. There were magic lotus sprung to support every pace she walked.

FRAME 112 : The procession of the remains of Dasakanta to the burning ground outside Lanka.

Bibhek arranged the procession of Dasakanta’s remains to the crematorium.

FRAME 113 : The cremation of the remain of Dasakanta.

Bibhek arranged the cremation to the remains of Dasakanta.

FRAME 114 : Bibhek was crowned the new king of Lanka.

                 Bibhek was crowned as the new king of Lanka and was given new name as Dasagirivansa.Ramadeva, Laksman and Sita stayed in the royal garden according to Dasagirivansa’s invitation.

FRAME 115 : Ramadeva killed Asakarn the demon.

                     Asakarn, the ruler of Cakravala, a friend of Dasakanta fought with Ramadeva. However, whenever he cut the demon in two pieces, the demon duplicated himself into double. There were thousands of Asakarn in the battle, at last. Bibhek informed Ramadeva to shoot one arrow to cut the bodies of Asakarn and another to wipe all the bodies down to the sea. The demons then were killed.

FRAME 116 : Ramadeva demolished the causeway.

                  Ramadeva was going back to Ayudhaya and destroyed the causeway. Parlaiyakalpa, a son of Dasakanta came to visit his father and leant that his father was killed, he rushed to follow Ramadeva for revenge.

FRAME 117 : Parlaiyakalpa, a son of Dasakanta followed Ramadeva to revenge his father but was killed by Hanuman.

                  Parlaiyakalpa reached Ramadeva army. Ramadeva sent Hanuman to get rid of the demon. Hanuman transformed himself into a buffalo to meet the demon and fought with the Parlaiyakalpa. The demon was killed by Hanuman in the fight.

FRAME 118 : Ramadeva arrived at Kheed Khin.

Ramadeva arrived at Kheed Khin and stayed in the royal garden.

FRAME 119 : Ramadeva paid a visit to the two teachers, Vasistha and Visvamitra. Hanuman was sent to Ayudhaya to give a message.

              Ramadeva made a visit to his teachers, Vasistha and Visvamitra. Kukhan came to meet Ramadeva. Hanuman and Kukhan went to Ayudhaya to carry the message of the approach.

FRAME 120 : Hanuman stopped Bharata and Strugna from setting themselves in fire and informed them that Ramadeva was returning to town.

       Bharata, Strugna prepared to burn themselves as Ramadeva did not return in due time of fourteen year of banishment. Hanuman and Kukhan reached the town in time and stopped them and informed them of Ramadeva approached the town very soon.

FRAME 121 : Ramadeva rewarded the soldiers.

       The coronation of Ramadeva was arranged. The king rewarded to his brother and monkey soldiers. He gave half of the city to Hanuman as promised. However, Hanuman felt uncomfortable and gave back the city to Ramadeva. Ramadeva then planned to build a new town for Hanuman. He shot an arrow and asked Hanuman to follow to where it’d fallen down in order to build the new town at that place.

FRAME 122 : Ramadeva built new town for Hanuman.

           Hanuman followed the arrow that fell down at Nabagiri Mt. He used his tail to wipe the ground as the town wall and returned to Ayudhaya to report to Ramadeva. Ramadeva then built a new town for the monkey and named Nabapuri.

FRAME 123 : Mahabaldebasura, a friend of Dasakanta, moved his troops to Lanka.

                 A friend of Dasakanta, Mahabaldebasura came to visit Dasakanta and learnt that the demon was dead. He then challenged to Bibhek who at first wanted to fight against the demon king by himself. However, Ramadeva sent Hanuman to observe the fight.

FRAME 124 : Bibhek went out to battle. Hanuman was sent to help.

Bibhek could not defeat Mahabaldebasura, Hanuman who observed the fight came to help and killed the demon.

FRAME 125 : The birth of Bainasurivansa and Asuraphata.

                   Mando gave birth to a son name Bainasurivamsa who was a son to Dasakanta. Bibhek misunderstood that the boy was his son. At the same time, Penyakai gave birth to a son name Asuraphad whose Hanuman was the father. The two boys were raised up together and were Bibhek’s beloved children.