The gallery and Ramakien Story

         The gallery which surrounding every buildings in the temple, there are mural paintings which depict the story of the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana epic. This story is the battle between Tosakanth who is the King of demons and King Rama (human being). The story tell about Tosakanth kidnaps the Queen of King Rama whose name is Sida, and takes her to Longka city, where he hopes that she will fall in love with him but she doesn’t. In the battle that follow, Tosakanth asks his innumerable relatives and friends to join him, whereas King Rama has a monkey army and the great monkey worriors under his command. Finally, Tosakanth is defeated and King Rama takes Sida back to Ayodhaya, his capital city. The painting consists of 178 sections. The first picture is located just opposite of the Spired Hall. And they proceed in a clockwise directions. The painting were first done in the reign of King Rama I and have been renovated many times

FRAME 126 : Hanuman as Bhraya Anujit visited the royal garden and was embarrassed, he later became a hermit.

            Hanuman as the ruler of a new town, Nabapuri, went out to the garden for recreation. The latex of the mango tree, accidentally fell down to Hanuman’s head. As a monkey, he scratched his head with his foot. His consorts could not help laughing at him. He was so embarrassing and went to Ayudhaya to give the town back to Ramadeva. He ordained as a hermit.

FRAME 127 : Bainasuriyavamsa knew that Bibhek was not his father.

          The thirteen years old Bainasuriyavamsa had been told by his maid, Varanisura that Bibhek was not his father, but the Ravana (Dasakanta) was. However, Bibhek did not realize that Bainasuriyavamsa was not his son. Bainasuriyavamsa , in order to get revenge for his father, Ravana, had tried to go to Malivan City in order to meet with one of Ravana’s friend, Cakravarti. He did took with him a drinking cup of Ravana as an evident. He then told Bibhek that we would go to learn the magic with Kala Dabos.

FRAME 128 : Bainasurivamsa and Varanisura sneaked out to Maliwan City to tell Cakravarti the demon about Ravana(Dasakanta)’s death.

            Bainasuriyavamsa and Varanisura lured Kala Dabos to teach the magic to break the Fire and Acid checkpoint to Malivan City. Cakravarti had a sign that was predicted that he would get the news of Ravana’s death and would help Ravana’s son to get the revenge. Bainasuriyavamsa then met Cakravarti and arranged the troop heading to Lanka.

FRAME 129 : Cakravarti the demon invaded Lanka. Bibhek was arrested.

                Bainasuriyavamsa and Varanisura returned to Lanka and paid a visit to Bibhek. Cakravarti stopped the army near the city and had Visnuraja and Nandakara to challenge Bibhek for a battle. Bibhek was defeated and was put in the dungeon.

FRAME 130 : Cakravarti the demon renamed Bainasuriyavamsa to Dasabina and had him rule Lanka. Asuraphata looked for Hanuman.

              Bainasuriyavamsa was enthroned as a king of Lanka and changed his name to Dasabina. Cakravarti gave a magic arrow and taught him some political philosophy. Asuraphata, a grand son of Bibhek asked Dasabina to give a pardon to Bibhek but the request was refused. Asuraphata then went to see his mother, Penyakai who later told him about his father-Hanuman. Asuraphata, afterwards, left the city to find his father.

FRAME 131 : Asuraphata met Hanuman, was presented to Ramadeva and went to Lanka to help Bibhek.

            Asuraphata arrived at Mandop Hill and asked the trail from Disabai Hermit. He met Hanuman who transformed to a hermit without knowing that he was the father as the appearance was not the same as informed by his mother. Hanuman in hermit appearance then showed his magic and revealed that he was Asuraphata’s father. Asuraphata and Hanuman went to had an audience with Ramadeva and informed what did happen to Bibhek. Ramadeva ordered Bharata and Strugna, together with Hanuman to help Bibhek.

FRAME 132 : Nilabada enlarged himself to become a causeway to Lanka.

                         The troop reached at Khodhavari River and stop at the pavilion that once used by Ramadeva. The troop had continued and came near Khandhamatna Hill where they had a discussion of how to cross the ocean to Lanka since the crossways that was built by Ramadeva had been removed. Nilabada, the monkey soldier, had volunteered to have his boby as the bridge for the troop to cross the ocean to Lanka.

FRAME 133 : Bharata sent Jambuban to give a message to Dasabina.

          Bharata had discussed the battle plan that did not have major effect to the innocence. Sugriba suggested to send Jambuban as an envoy to send the message to Dasabina. The demon king was angry and had a little fight between with Jambuban. The monkey envoy returned to the camp and informed Bharata and the other general of what had happened. Dasabina commanded to set the army to fight against Bharata and the monkey soldiers. Yamalivan and Kanyuveka, Indrajit’s sons sneaked into Bharata camp to reveal Dasabina’s war plan in order to safe the innocence.

FRAME 134 : Bharata and Strugna were in the battle. Dasabina and Varanisura were caught.

         Yamalivan and Kanyuveka lured Dasabina that they would fight with the monkey soldiers for him. During the fight, Asuraphata broke Dasabina’s chariot. Yamalivan and Kanyuveka caught Dasabina and brought him to Bharata and Strugna. Bibhek was released from the cells.

FRAME 135 : Dasabina and Varanisura were punished and condemn publicly.

                   Asuraphata, Yamalivan and Kanyuveka returned to Lanka and released Bibhek from the cells. Dasabina and Varanisura were condemned and humiliated publicly.

FRAME 136 : Dasabina and Varanisura were killed by the order of Bharata.

      Dasabina and Varanisura were condemned and humiliated publicly and were beheaded afterwards. Mando , Dasabina’s mother was in deep grief. Bharata asked Bibhek to search for the right time to fight against Cakravarti.

FRAME 137 : Cakravarti the demon had nightmare. Bharata and Strugna moved their troops to Maliwan city.

              Bharata and Strugna were approaching Cakravarti’s territory but could not continue due to the Fire and Poison water checkpoints. Cakravarti had a bad dream. He invited a hermit for interpretation. The hermit informed that a giant disaster was coming over him and could not avoid.

FRAME 138 : Hanuman entered Maliwan City and killed the demons.

ห้องที่ ๑๓๘ พระยาอนุชิต (หนุมาน) หักด่านน้ำกรด ไฟกรด ของกรุงมลิวัน ฆ่ามัฆวานและกาลสูรตาย

         Hanuman, the white monkey volunteered to break the Fire and Poison Water checkpoints. He enlarged his body as large as Brahmin with four faces and eight arms and killed Maghavan who performed the Fire checkpoints. Afterwards, he flew to the other checkpoint and found that Kalasura performed a magic rite calling nagas to release poison to the water. Hanuman transformed himself to a garuda and killed all nagas and later he threw Kalasura to another side of the universe to death.

FRAME 139 : Bharata sent Nilananda as messenger to Cakravarti. Cakravarti the demon sent Suriyabhava.

                         Bharata and Strugna set the army camp at Mayura Hills and discussed about the battle. Vaiyavamsa suggested to send Nilananda as the messenger to Malivan. Cakravarti got angry and did not feel guilty. Nilananda demonstrate his power by breaking the tip of Cakravarti’s castle and brought it back to the camp. Cakravarti, afterwards, asked Suriyabhava to fight on his behalf.

FRAME 140 : Strugna killed Meghasura and got hurt by the lance of Suriyabhava.

                 Bharata asked Strugna to fight against Suriyabhava according to Bibhek’s instruction. In the fight, Suriyabhava were trying to perform a rite to make Meghabada lance potent by magic incantation. He asked Meghasura to transformed himself as the hills circled the demon army and himself from Strugna in order to perform the rite. Strugna killed Meghasura with his arrow that made Suriyabhava very angry and threw the lance to Strugna and caused him unconscious. Bibhek asked Nilaraja to inform Bharata about the incident.

FRAME 141 : Nilabada seek the medicine to cure Strugna.

          Bharata came to the battlefield with deep sorrow. Bibhek informed about the magic medicine to cure Strugna. Nilabada volunteered to gather all the medicine ingredients from various places to compose the medicine. After Strugna had recovered and the troop returned to the camp.

FRAME 142 : Suriyabhava went out to fight with Strugna and was killed.

          Cakravarti got the report from the petrol unit that Strugna was still alive. Suriyabhava went out to fight against Bharata and Strugna and was killed by Bharata’s magic arrow.

FRAME 143 : Parlaicakra perform a ritual to empower his arrow. Angata and Asuraphata destroyed the rite. Nilabada killed Marakrapila.

                  Parlaicakra, by the command of Cakravarti, went out for the battle and realized the power of Bharata. He asked Marakrapila to oppose the enemy so that he could perform a magic rite to potent his Herabata Arrow. Nilabada killed Marakrapila and Angata and Asuraphata prepared to destroy the magic rite.

FRAME 144 : Strugna was shot by the Herapot Arrow.

      Parlaicakra went out to fight against Bharata and Strugna with the madness that Angata and Asuraphata destroyed his ritual. However, he used his magic cakra to cause smoke covered all the battle area and was able to arrest Strugna by his magic Herabata Arrow. Strugna was arrested and kept in the air under the guardian of a demon –Rahu. However, Strugna was rescued by Hanuman, Nilabada, Sugriba and Angata.

FRAME 145 : Bharata killed Parlaicakra.

       Asura Rahu was executed. Parlaicakra went out to fight with Bharata again. He hid himself in the clouds but finally beheaded by Bharata’s arrow. Cakravarti had heard the bad news with deep grief and sent the army to get the remaining of Parlaicakra to Malivan for the cremation.

FRAME 146 : Cakravarti the demon fought with Bharata without decisive result. Nanyubaktra came to see Cakravarti.

                     Cakravarti sent Subinsan to fight against Bharata but no clear result. Nanyubaktra, Cakravarti’s youngest son had completed his long meditation and got a bad sign by seeing bloods dropped down from the clouds. He then learnt that his elder brother had died by the human and monkey soldiers. He then volunteered for the battle.

FRAME 147 : Nanyubaktra fought against Strugna and was killed.

           Nanyubaktra fought with Strugna and was killed in the battlefield. Cakravarti then went out to the fight and was shot many times by Strugna’s arrows but he could rescue himself and move back to the city.

FRAME 148 : Bharata fought against Vaiytala without decisive result.

         Cakravarti sent a message to one of his friend–Vaiytala, who ruled Kururaja in Badala. In the message mentioned that all of his three sons were killed by Bharata and Strugna. Vaiytala then moved the army to Malivan to help Cakravarti fought against Bharata and Strugna. Vaiytala fought against Bharata but no one was defeated. Vaiytala moved back to the city and asked Cakravarti to send another troop to fight against Bharata to stall the time and he would go to Badala for a secret magic ritual.

FRAME 149 : Asurabetra went out to stop the fight and was killed by Angata.

        Vaiytala asked his troop to build a ritual pavilion and prepared to set the rite to empower his magic bludgeon. Cakravarti sent Asurabetra to the fight and was killed by Angata. Nilabada and Asuraphata got the command to destroy the ritual in Badala. The two monkey soldiers, after destroy the rite, hid themselves at the pass on the way to Malivan.

FRAME 150 : Vaiytala went out to fight and was killed by Nilabada and Asuraphata.

       Vaiytala got mad that his magic ritual was destroyed by Nilabada and Asuraphata. He then set the troop rushed to Malivan. At the pass, Nilabada in the appearance of an exhausted Lanka soldier lured Vaiytala in order to sit on his carriage, while Asuraphata set himself invisible and followed. The two monkey soldiers revealed themselves and broke the magic bludgeon and killed Vaiytala.

FRAME 151 : Bharata fought against Cakravarti the demon.

        Cakravarti went out to fight against Bharata. Nilabada, the monkey soldier destroyed his war carriage but still fought at his utmost. He was finally got shot by Bharata’s arrow but he was able to rescue himself with his magic incantation and withdrew the troop back to town no one victor.

FRAME 152 : Cakravarti the demon went out for battle but saw a bad omen.

                 Cakravarti returned to the city badly injured. He realized that he came to the end of his life. So, he gave his final instruction to all of his queens and consorts. He, once again, went out to the battlefield and got several bad signs such as feeling discourage, state umbrella was burnt, the fireballs were falling down near the carriage, etc.

FRAME 153 : Cakravarti the demon was shot by Bharata and before he died, he learnt that Bharata was the reincarnation of the divine weapon of God Visnu.

         Cakravarti fought against Bharata and was shot by Bharata. Before he died, he saw Bharata and Strugna as the incarnation of Visnu’s weapons. He then tendered a formal apology to Bharata and Strugna and asked Bharata and Strugna to take care of his relatives and the populace of Malivan before he died. The cremation of the remain of Cakravarti was arranged in Malivan.

FRAME 154 : Hanuman enlarged his body as a causeway for the troops to Ayudhya.

     After the cremation of Cakravarti, Bharata came to Malivan City to pacify Queen Vajanisura and her daughter, Ratnamali, before returning to Lanka. Hanuman enlarged his body to lie across the ocean as the crossways for the troop to return to the mainland.

FRAME 155 : Ramadeva rewarded the army.

              Ramadeva inquired about the war from all concerns and he designate Laksman and Sumantan to consider the rewards to the two brothers and the rest of the soldiers for their victory.

FRAME 156 : Ramadeva cut Marchanu’s fish tail.

         Vaiyavika and Marchanu arranged a troop from Badala to visit Ramadeva at the same time as Mahajambu who was going to have an audience with Ramadeva. Mahajambu misunderstood that Marchanu was the enemy and fought with him. Ramadeva heard the noise of the battle and asked Hanuman to discover the case. Hanuman brought the three commanders to have an audience with Ramadeva. Ramadeva cut Marchanu’s fish-tail and appointed him to be Praya Hanuraja to rule Malivan City.

   FRAME 157 : Ramadeva and Laksman went to the forest for recreation. Atula the devil, transformed into a lady in waiting, went to see      Sita at her bath.

                    Ramadeva and Laksman traveled to the jungle for pleasure. Sita asked her maids to take a bath at the pond. Atula, the ogress who was Ravana(Dasakanta)’s cousin, transformed herself into one of the maids and got into the audience.

FRAME 158 : Atula the devil lured Sita to draw Ravana(Dasakanta)’s picture. Ramadeva was angry with Sita and order Sita to beheaded. Laksman freed Sita and took a deer’s heart to present to Ramadeva.

                              Atula lured Sita to draw Ravana’s portrait and by the time Ramadeva was coming back from the jungle, Atula had inhabited into the portrait and caused the portrait could not be erased. Sita was frighten and hid the portrait underneath their bed. Ramadeva after came back from the jungle, could not sleep and at last found the hidden portrait of Ravana. Because of his anger, Ramadeva ordered Laksman to kill Sita and brought back her heart. Laksman could not kill Sita since the sword became to flower lei due to the faithfulness of Sita. So, Laksman left Sita away. On the returning to the city, Laksman found a dead deer that was the transformation of Indra, so he took the deer’s heart back and presented to Ramadeva as it was Sita’s heart.

FRAME 159 : God Indra transformed himself into a wild buffalo and led Sita to Vajamriga the ascetic. Sita gave birth to Kusa.

               Sita, with assistance from the Indra who transformed into a wild buffalo, was led to Vajamriga Hermit. The hermit create a residence by his magic for Sita and had her stayed there and not so long time, Sita gave birth to a son.

FRAME 160 : The ascetic created Lava. Kusa shot his arrow to fell the great rang tree.

       As she had to stay in the jungle, Sita only had a ring to tie around her son’s arm as a welcome present and left the boy to the hermit before she left to the water landing. On the way to the landing, she saw monkeys brought their babies along, so she changed her mind and returned to bring her son along. The hermit assumed that the boy had disappeared, so he set up a magic ceremony-Ahuti to create another boy to replace Sita’s son. However, the hermit saw Sita returned with her son, so he would stop the procession but Sita asked to keep that boy to be her son’s playmate.The Hermit named Sita’s son “Kusa” and the other “Lava” The two boys learned the magic from the hermit and grew up as powerful boys and got magic arrows from the Fire Worshiping ceremony. Kusa tried his arrow and hit the great Rang tree fallen down and create a great noise.

FRAME 161 : Ramadeva sent sacrificial horse into the forest. Kusa cought the horse and ride it. Hanuman tried to catch Kusa but was captured instead.

       Kusa told his mother about the arrow testing and asked Sita about his father. Ramadeva heard the great noise and realized that it must be a powerful man caused that noise. Ramadeva sent out a ceremonial horse and asked Hanuman to follow the horse. Bharata and Strugna were also asked to arrange a troop to follow up the horse as well. At the same time, Kusa and Lava asked Sita to travel into the jungle.

FRAME 162 : Ramadeva sent Bharata and Strugna to arrest Kusa.

   Kusa and Lava caught the ceremonial horse and paid no attention to the message that came with the horse. Hanuman tried to arrest Kusa but, on the contrary, was caught and tied by Kusa and cast a spell on him. Hanuman returned to see Ramadeva who revoked the spell for him and ordered Bharata and Strugna to arrest Kusa and Lava. Finally, Kusa was arrested.

FRAME 163 : Ramadeva put Kusa in a cell. Lava came to free him and they escaped.

     Kusa was imprisoned and wait for the execution. Lava who could escape from the fight informed Sita and the hermit about the fight. The hermit, with his enlightening, told Sita to relief from grief and said it was not a bad incident. Sita gave Lava a ring and asked him to rescue Kusa from the prison. Indra asked a celestial nymph named Rambha to help Lava. She transformed herself to a lady taking the water to Kusa for bathing. Lava put Sita’s ring into that jar and with the power of the magic ring, Kusa could take out all the fatters and escape to Kalavata Forest with Lava. Ramadeva sent the troop to follow Kusa.

FRAME 164 : Ramadeva realized that Kusa was his son as their bows did not hurt each other.

      Ramadeva together with the three brothers fought against Kusa but no one victor. Ramadeva asked Kusa about his family and because Laksman did not kill Sita as got the order, so Ramadeva realized that Kusa was his son. The two boys made sarcastic remarks to Ramadeva and left him away. Ramadeva and his brothers followed the boys to the hermit residence. Sita got angry at Ramadeva but finally she allowed her sons to follow Ramadeva back to Ayudhya.

FRAME 165 : Ramadeva played a trick on Sita. Sita realized this and went to Badala, the underground city.

        Ramadeva did a trick by pretend to die and asked Hanuman to invite Sita back to town. Sita without knowing the trick was in deep sorrow and was unconscious. Ramadeva went out from the curtain to hold her and Sita was back to the conscious and got so angry that she fled to Badala, the underground city to stay with Virunanaga.

FRAME 166 : Ramadeva went out to the forest the second time.

       Ramadeva asked Bibhek for consultation and was informed that he should went out to the forest again for one year to get rid of his bad fortune. Laksman and Hanuman went out as the followers. Laksman killed Tripakkan. Kuveranuraja who was Tripakkan’s father went out with the army to fight against Ramadeva and Laksman. He was later killed by Ramadeva. Ramadeva had continued the journey deep into the forest and met Kumbhandanuraja who knew that Ramadeva as Visnu’s incarnation and asked him to revoke the spell for him.

FRAME 167 : Sugriba and the other monkeys followed Ramadeva.

                 Sugriba learned that Ramadeva had went out to the forest again, then he brought the high rank monkey to get the audience with Bharata and asked the direction to follow Ramadeva. The monkey soldiers then met Ramadeva and followed him.

FRAME 168 : Vayubhaksa-the demon bird pounced upon Ramadeva and Laksman. The monkey soldiers saved the situation and killed the demon bird.

    Asura Vayubhaksa a half demon and half bird creature swooped down and caught Ramadeva and Laksman with its claw but Sugriba and Hanuman were able to rescue them and killed the demon. Ramadeva continued the journey and reached Unaraja’s Garden. Nandakala, a demon who guarded the garden fought with the man and the monkey and ran away to report to Unaraja.

FRAME 169 : Ramadeva fought against Anuraja the demon. The Gosabha hermit suggested shooting the demon by the arrow made by Cyperus grass and had the crystal cock and Nonsi guard the demon.

         Nilabada, Asuraphata and Marchanu volunteered to fight against Unaraja, Gosabha hermit advised Ramadeva to shoot the demon with sedge instead of the arrow. Ramadeva then shot Unaraja with the grass arrow to impale him on the side of the cliff. Ramadeva cast a spell on the demon and created a rooster to crow when the grass arrow moved. He then created a man called Nontri to hammer down the grass arrow to impale the demon to the cliff.

FRAME 170 : Ramadeva and Laksman returned to Ayudhya.

          Ramadeva had completed his one year trip and returned to Ayudhya. Bharata prepared the welcome procession for Ramadeva. Afterwards, Ramadeva gave the rewards to all the soldiers who followed him.

FRAME 171 : God Isvara asked a divinity to invite Ramadeva and Sita to his place and arranged their second wedding.

        Indra informed Isvara about the conflict between Sita and Ramadeva. God Isvara then ordered. Chituraja to invited Sita from Badala to see him. Sita told God Isvara all the story. God Isvara then sent Chittupata to invite Ramadeva and inquired for the truth from Ramadeva that he ordered Sita and the son to death. Ramadeva pleaded guilty. God Isvara then arranged the re-wedding ceremony for Ramadeva and Sita. After the ceremony, the couple returned to Ayudhya and rule the country peacefully ever after.

FRAME 172 : Gandharbanuraja sent the demon soldiers to bother the ascetics.

            Gandharbanuraja, the ruler demon of Dissrisin with his son-Virunbada, destroyed the meditation and the resident of the hermits as they were afraid that the hermits would not respect them. Afterwards, the demons invaded to Kaiyakes City.

FRAME 173 : Gandharbanuraja and Virunbada invaded Kaiyakes City.

                 The Outpost chief delivered the message to Kaiyakes King who then commanded the army to be ready for the fight and sent message to Ayudhya. Gandharbanuraja invaded into town while Kaiyakes King escaped to stay with Govinda Hermit.

FRAME 174 : Ramadeva sent his two younger brothers to help King Kaiyakes.

Ramadeva asked Bharata, Strugna and his son, Kusa and Lava to Kaiyakes for assistance.

FRAME 175 : Bharata and Strugna arrived at Kaiyakes.

       Bharata and Strugna set the army camp next to Kaiyakes and sent Jambuvaraja as an envoy to town to deliver the message to Gandharbanuraja. The demon got angry and prepared the troop for fighting.

FRAME 176 : Gandharbanuraja and Virunbada were killed in battle by Lava and Kusa.

        Bharata and Kusa together with Lava had discussed about the war plan and went out to the battlefield. The demon underestimated the human troop and finally Virunbada was killed by Lava while Gandharbanuraja was killed by Kusa.

FRAME 177 : The four kings entered Kaiyakes and had King Kaiyakes rule the city.

         After the victory over the demon, Bharata and Strugna went out to welcome their nephew at the battlefield and proceeding to Kaiyakes. They invited Kaiyakes King to come back to town and then returned to Ayudhya.

FRAME 178 : The four kings returned to Ayudhya. Ramadeva gave the rewards to all.

   The four princes returned to Ayudhya and reported the fight to Ramadeva. Ramadeva sent Bharata and Strugna back to Kaiyakes to rule the city and rewarded to all the soldiers who went to the battle and all the people in Ayudhya lived happily and peacefully under the ruler of Ramadeva ever after.