Khlong Mae Kha Development Volunteer Project


Khlong Mae Kha was one of the seven auspicious elements in the choice of location for the city of Chiang Mai. In the past, Khlong Mae Kha was an important natural water source for the community, but was gradually overlooked during the rapid growth of Chiang Mai. As a result, the condition of the khlong deteriorated, leading to debilitating floods that caused destruction worth billions of baht. The stagnant water posed a health hazard to the people, and became a polluted cityscape, destroying the natural ecological system and historical waterway of the past.

To solve these issues, and improve the wellbeing of Chiang Mai and its economic, social and environmental and cultural stability, as well as for the purpose of sustainable development, it was deemed appropriate that on the occasion of the 720th (60th cycle) anniversary of the city in 2016, the people of Chiang Mai should join hands with the government to preserve and develop the city, and bring it back to its glorious past.