The gallery and Ramakien Story

     The gallery which surrounding every buildings in the temple, there are mural paintings which depict the story of the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana epic. This story is the battle between Tosakanth who is the King of demons and King Rama (human being). The story tell about Tosakanth kidnaps the Queen of King Rama whose name is Sida, and takes her to Longka city, where he hopes that she will fall in love with him but she doesn’t. In the battle that follow, Tosakanth asks his innumerable relatives and friends to join him, whereas King Rama has a monkey army and the great monkey worriors under his command. Finally, Tosakanth is defeated and King Rama takes Sida back to Ayodhaya, his capital city. The painting consists of 178 sections. The first picture is located just opposite of the Spired Hall. And they proceed in a clockwise directions. The painting were first done in the reign of King Rama I and have been renovated many times.

FRAME 1 :Janaka the ascetic performed a ritual to seek Sita, withdrew from asceticism and   return to the city.

     Janaka was tired in his asceticism and decided to return to the throne in Mithila City. He commanded to Soma to locate his daughter who was kept in a magic case buried under a great banyan tree. However, Soma’s efforts failed. Even though the court officers from the city came to help locate the site, no one found the case. Finally, Janaka made wishes and started ploughing the land again. He then found the case which contained his daughter. He was happy and named her as ‘Sita’ and brought her back to the city.

FRAME 2 : King Janaka seeking a groom for Sita.

      Hence Sita was raised in Mithila by King Janaka and his wife Queen Ratnamani, until she was sixteen years old. The king and queen wanted their daughter to marry a prince. Then he had a royal command through the court officers to announce this news and prepared the selection ceremony by all princes must lift the Holy Bow of Moli. The prince who could lift this bow would be married with Sita.

FRAME3 : King Janaka invited the kings to lift the magic bow.

Vasistha andSvamitra, the two guru, traveled together with Ramadeva and Laksman to attend the selection ceremony in Mithila City.

FRAME 4 :Ramadeva met Sita at the magic bow lifting ceremony.

       Ramadeva and all the followers reached Mithila City. On the way to the ceremony site, Sita who was in the tower of the palace had sighted      Ramadeva and they both fell in love at this first sight. At the ceremony site, King Janaka met Ramadeva and would like him to marry with his daughter. However Ramadeva had to prove himself by lifting the Holy Bow of Moli and could lift it very easily.

FRAME 5 :King Janaka sent a royal message to Ayudhya.

    After the selection and Ramadeva could lift the bow, King Janaka was very happy. This delightful news had been delivered to king Dasaratha, Ramadeva’s father, for the wedding ceremony between Ramadeva and Sita.King Dasaratha was very happy and asked his two sons, Bharata and Strugna who were at Kaiyakes City to meet with in Ayudhya City.

FRAME 6 : Bharata and Strugna left Kaiyakes for Ayudhya.

                Bharata and Strugna got the great news and paid homage to King Kaiyakes to inform him of their returning to Ayudhya City. The two princes would join their parents to the wedding ceremony between Ramadeva and Sita in Mithila City.

FRAME 7 : King Dasaratha’s went to participate in Ramadeva and Sita’s wedding in Mithila.

Bharata and Strugna arrived at Ayudhya City. They then joined the trip together with the king’s wife to Mithila City for the royal wedding ceremony.

FRAME 8 : The royal wedding between Ramadeva and Sita.

           King Dasaratha with his family attended the royal wedding ceremony between Ramadeva and Sita. After the ceremony, they all were returning to Ayudhya City together with the new married couple. King Janaka tough his daughter to be faithful and honest to Ramadeva.

FRAME 9: King Dasaratha and Ramadeva returned to Ayudhya, having the fight against Ramasura.

        King Dasaratha returned to Ayudhya City. On the way back, there was a billed stork swooped down to the royal flag. The soothsayer predicted that there was an enemy along the way but the king would win in the battle. The king and family continued their journey and met with Ramasura, a demon holding an ax of thunder. The demon fought against Ramadeva, and was defeated. Ramasura then was badly disgraceful.However he then later learned that Ramadeva was the reincarnation of Narayana, he offered his bow which Ramadeva asked Varuna, god of the rain, to keep the bow for him.

FRAME 10 : The birth of Darabi who was brought up by divinites and later killed his own father.

     A female wild buffalo-Nila gave birth to a son in the cave which was the hiding place from Daraba. Daraba would kill all his sons as he was afraid of the emulation of his superior. The newly born bull was named that “Darabi”.Darabi was raised up in the cave by divinities until he grew up and as strong as his father- Daraba. He then came to challenge his father and killed him. After that he grew more daring to fight against other deities but no one want to fight with the buffalo like him. He then came to challenge to the Supreme Ruler of the universe – Isvara.

FRAME 11 : Darabi aggravated God Isvara and was told to fight with Bhaliat kheedKhin.

    Darabi was so arrogant and challenged Isvara for fight. The god was very angry and told him of fight instead with Bhali, the monkey king of KheedKhin City who was a son of the Indra. The god Isvara put the curse on Darabi to be defeated and killed by Bhali and would be reborn and named Mangkarakantha, who was later would be killed by Narayana reincarnation.

FRAME 12 :Darabi challenged Bhali.

Darabicame tochallengeBhaliat KheedKhin City. They fought from dawn till dusk but no one was defeated.

FRAME 13 :Bhali killed Darabi and drove out Sugriba.

        Bhalilured Darabi to fight in the cave and ordered his brother- Sugriba to close the mouth of the cave if the blood that flowed out was thin, because it would be his and he wouldn’t like anybody to see his corpse. The two fought against each other for seven days but still, none was defeated. Bhali was wondering and believed that there might be some divinities support the bull. He then asked the bull of whom supported him but Darabi refused that no one supported or protected him. The divinities then left the buffalo and was then killed by Bhali. Varuna, the god of rain, put the rain fell down all over the area. Unfortunately, Darabi’s blood was diluted and flowed out from the cave.Sugriba came to the cave and was frighten by seeing the thin blood from the cave. He then asked the monkey soldiers to close the mouth of the cave according to his brother’s order. Bhaliwas angry and mistakenly believed that Sugriba wanted his throne. He then expelled Sugriba from KheedKhin City.

FRAME 14 :Kucci the hunchback servant incited Queen Kaiyakesi.

      King Dasaratha prepared to bestow the throne to Ramadeva. However, Kucci, a hunchback maid of one of the king wives, Queen Kaiyakesi, brought the message to the queen as she used to be insulted by Ramadeva. When Ramadeva was in childhood, he used to shoot a clay pellet at Kucci’s hunchback that made her so embarrassing. Kucci tried to persuade the queen to deprive Ramadeva of the throne and should stay in the forest for fourteen years and enthroned Bharata instead in order to keep the words that the king used to give to Queen Kaiyakesi who save his life during the war. The king promised to give Queen Kaiyakesi anything she might wanted.

FRAME 15 :King Dasaratha set up a royal procession for Ramadeva.

                    Ramadeva was in the coronation ceremony but King Dasaratha did not show up. The two guru, Svamitra and Vasistha asked the officers to investigate at the king’s palace. The officers were told by Queen Kaiyakesi that King Dasaratha asked Ramadeva to come to his place. Ramadeva arrived and was told to leave the city for fourteen years.

FRAME 16 :Ramadeva became ahermit, accompanied by Laksman and Sita.

            Ramadeva paid homage to his mother – Kausuriya and prepared to be a hermit. Laksman, one of his younger brothers asked to accompany with him as well as Sita. King Dasaratha gave his last command to the two guru, Vasistha and Svamitra that he would die on the day that Ramadeva left the country to the forest and would not let Kaiyakesi and her son, Bharata to attend his cremation.Bharata and Strugna arrived at Ayudhya City and knew all the story.Bharata lost his control and threatendedto kill his mother as the cause of his father’s death. Strugna calmed him down.

FRAME 17 :King Dasaratha passed away.

          The cremation of King Dasaratha’s remains was under the supervision of the two hermits, Vasistha and Svamitra. Queen Kaiyakesi and her son Bharata were forbidden to attend the ceremony in accordance to King Dasaratha’s last command.

FRAME 18 :Bharata, Strugna and the three queens followed Ramadeva.

         Bharata, Strugna and the three queens of King Dasaratha including Kaiyakesi, followed Ramadeva and the company to invite them to return to the city and enthroned as the new king of Ayudhya City. They walked across the Satong River to follow Ramadeva.

FRAME 19 :Bharata and Strugna begged Ramadeva to return to the throne.

                      Bharata begged Ramadeva to return to the throne but the latter refused as he wanted to keep his father words that gave to Queen Kaiyakesi. Bharata then asked for Ramadeva’s shoes for the Symbol and placed them in the crystal palace as the magic item of the city. Ramadeva did not want to bother his relatives and afraid that they would follow him again. Therefore, he moved forward deep in the forest.

FRAME 20 :Ramadeva, Laksman and Sita were lost in Biraba’s garden, they killed the Demon.

     Ramadeva and his company had been invited by the two hermits to stay with them but the place was still too near to the town. Then, the royal hermits kept continue their journey and lost their way to the garden of one of the demon – Biraba. The demon guardians tried to capture them but were all killed by Laksman. Biraba followed the track and tried to kidnap Sita to his palace. However, the demon was killed by Ramadeva.Ramadeva, Laksman and Sita continued into the forest and met a hermit-Angata who gave Ramadeva the magic shield which belonged to god Isvara. Finally, the three kings stayed in the pavilion that built by Indra at the bank of Kothavari River.

FRAME 21 :Dasakanta went out to forest leaving Jivha to take care of the city.Samanakha was punished by Laksman.

           Dasakanta, a demon king of Lanka City, took a leisure time in the forest and left the city under the governing of his brother in law-Jivha. Jivha worked without sleeping for seven consecutive days. He could not resist on sleepiness any longer. He then enlarged his body and used his tongue covered the city so that the enemy could not see the city. Dasakanta returned to the city and could not see the city. He misled that there might be the enemy to attack the city. He threw out the magic weapon – Cakra in expectation to kill the enemy. However, the weapon cut Jivha’s tongue and killed him. Since the death of her husband, Samanakha – Jivha’s wife, was so sad and lonely. She was out to the forest for recreation. She met Ramadeva and fell in love with him suddenly. She tried to hurt Sita in order to take Ramadeva away, but Laksman expelled her away.

FRAME 22 :Khara went out in the battle and was killed.

Samanakha, upon the returning to town, told her elder brother – Khara to move the army to fight against Ramadeva. Khara was death in the battle field.

FRAME 23 :Dusana and Trisira fought against Ramadeva and were killed.

Ramadeva fought against Khara’ relatives – Dusana and Trisira.The demon kings were killed as well in the battle.

FRAME 24 :Dasakanta kidnapped Sita.

           Samanakha informed Dasakanta about Sita’s beauty. Dasakanta would like to have Sita as his wife and asked Marisa to transform himself as a golden deer to deceive Sita in the forest. Sita saw the golden deer which is Marisa’s transformation and begged Ramadeva to catch the deer for her. Ramadeva asked his brother – Laksman to take care Sita and he followed the golden deer. Ramadeva knew that this was a trick and the deer was the transformation, he then shot the deer with his arrow. The transformation deer shouted out loud in Ramadeva’s voice for help. Laksman heard the voice and rushed out to help his brother and left Sita alone at the pavilion. Dasakanta transformed himself into a hermit and came to the pavilion. He tried to convince Sita to stay with Dasakanta but Sita refused. Dasakanta returned to his demon character and took Sita by force and flew to Lanka City. Enroute, Dasakanta fought against Stayu – the great bird, who tried to help Sita from Dasakanta but was later injured by Dasakanta and fell down from the sky.

FRAME 25 :Ramadeva and Laksman searched for Sita and met with Stayu the great bird, Hanuman presented himself to Ramadeva.

        Ramadeva and Laksman returned to the pavilion but Sita was disappeared. The Indra told the two kings of the way that Dasakanta brought Sita. They followed the trail and met Stayu who was badly injured. The bird told Ramadeva the way and died. The kings continued their trip and was by chance lost into the territory of Kumbala, a demon who was spelled by God Isvara. Ramadeva withdrew the spell. Laksman also fought against          Asuramukhi and defeated the demon. While, Ramadeva rested under the tree, Hanuman – a white monkey, met him and wanted to stay with the two kings.

FRAME 26 :Hanuman introduced Sugriba to Ramadeva, Bhali dead.

         Hanuman brought his uncle-Sugriba to meet with Ramadeva in order to beg him to kill Bhali. Ramadeva refused to do that but later had to as Bhali broke the words that give to Sugriba that he will honest to Sugriba and swore that if he broke the words, he would be killed by the Narayana’s reincarnation. Sugriba made a trick to bring Bhali out to the forest where Ramadeva was waiting. Once he saw Ramadeva, he expressed his displeasure on him. However, when he realized that Ramadeva was Narayana’s reincarnation, he conceded to die by Ramadeva’s arrow.

FRAME 27 :Bhali’s cremation, Ramadeva withdrew from hermit.

        Angata and Jambuban gave themselves in allegiance to Ramadeva. After Bhali’s cremation, Sugriba was crowned as the new ruler of KheedKhin City and prepared the army. Golden peacock and wild monkey gave Ramadeva the message about Sita. God Visvakarma, by the divine order of God Indra, created a pavilion at the foot of Khanthamart Hill for the princes. The god also prepared the royal garments for them to convert from hermit to the kings in order to fight against Dasakanta.

FRAME 28 : Laksman reminded Sugriba to gather the monkey soldiers, Hanuman brought Mahajambu to Ramadeva.

        Ramadeva sent Laksman to rush Sugriba to prepare the army. Sugriba went out to locate Hanuman in order to have him as a soldier. Along the way, the two monkeys met with demon patrol army and killed most of them. By the way, Ramadeva sent Sugriba and Hanuman to bring his message to Jambu, the monkey king, that he was Narayana reincarnation and preparing the army to fight against Dasakanta and would like to be an ally with Jambu. However, Jambu did not believe. At night, Hanuman used his magic to make everybody fell asleep and brought Jambu to Ramadeva’s Camp.

FRAME 29 :Ramadeva sent Hanuman, Jambuban and Angata to get news of Sitaand find the way to Lanka.

           Ramadeva complimented Hanuman in bringing Jambu to the camp and withdrew Uma’s, Isavara’s Consort, spell by stroking his whole body from head to tail. Hanuman then had more power. Jambu was awaken and saw Ramadeva had four arms with divinity weapons. So, he realized that Ramadeva was Narayana reincarnation and decided to help him fight against Dasakanta. Ramadeva asked Hanuman, Angata and Jambuban to check the news and inspect the routing to Lanka City. He promised to Hanuman that he would give Hanuman whatever he wore to reward him when he returned to the camp.

FRAME 30 :Angata withdrew the spell from Paklan the demon, Hanuman sent Pusamali to the heaven.

   The three monkey soldiers together with the patrol army reached at Bokkorani Pond. A guardian demon-Paklan tried to eat them but was defeated by Angata. Paklan learned that Angata was Ramadeva’s soldier, so he asked the monkey to withdraw the spell by stroking his body and return to the heaven. The patrol army reached at Mayan Town. Hanuman met Pusamali who was look after the town alone. Hanuman got her as his wife and sent her back to heaven.

FRAME 31 :Hanuman, Jambuban and Angata met Jatilahermit and Sambadi the great bird.

               Hanuman enlarged himself and lay across the river as a bridge. The monkey troops walked on him to another bank of the river.  They met Jatila hermit who pointed them to Hemtiran Mountain which was the pier to Lanka. Hanuman helped Sampathi, the great bird who was elder brother of Stayu. Sampathi brought the three monkeys on his back to see the location of Lanka City.

FRAME 32 :Hanuman killed the water demon guardian to Lanka.

Hanuman was alone forwarded to Lanka City while the rest were waiting for him at Hemtiran  Mountain.  Hanuman  Killed  the guardian demon.

FRAME 33 :Hanuman surrendered to Naradaa hermit and went stealthily to Lanka.

 Hanuman metNarada a hermit. He changed his appearance into a wild monkey and came to test the hermit but had later to surrender to the hermit. The hermit told Hanuman of the way to Lanka City. Hanuman fought against and killed the guardian spirit of Lanka. Hanuman then proceeding to Lanka to locate Sita.

FRAME 34 :Dasakanta courted Sita, Sita meant to commit by hanging herself but Hanuman stopped her and gave Ramadeva’s ring.

                  Hanuman,In the appearance of a wild monkey, hid in the garden and waited for the night time.Dasakanta came to visit Sita and begged her to marry him which was refused. Sitawas so depressed that she would hung herself but Hanuman came to help in time. Hanuman then relayed Ramadeva’s message to Sita and gave her the ring and the wearing robe.

FRAME 35 :Hanuman destroyed the royal garden and was caught by Indrajit.

              Hanuman wanted to determine the demon’s army. He destroyed the gardens and fighted against the garden keepers, but no one could defeat him. Hanuman killed Dasakanta’s thousand sons and all the soldiers.Dasakanta then sent his son who defeated God lndra – lndrajit to fight against Hanuman. Hanuman pretended to be defeated by lndrajit’s arrow – Nagabath and was arrested.

FRAME 36 :Hanuman was punished-Lanka was burnt by Hanuman.

        Dasakanta asked the killer to kill Hanuman, however, no one could kill him. Hanuman lured the demon by telling the demon to tie him around with cotton wool soaked with oil and fired, so he would be killed.Dasakanta was misguided and did what the monkey said. When Hanuman was fired up, he wandered around the city and burnt all the palaces and town.

FRAME 37 :Dasakanta and relatives escaped to Sattana Mount.

Dasakanta and his family escaped to Sattana Mount. After firing Lanka City, Hanuman returned to Hemtiran Mountain to meet with his army.

FRAME 38 :Dasakanta asked the divinities to rebuilt the city.

     Dasakanta invited the deities to rebuild the city as the city was created by Sahapati Brahma for Dasakanta grandfather. God Indra and other deities helped to recreate the city as requested.

FRAME 39 :The three monkey soldiers reported the situation to Ramadeva.

                   Ramadeva and Laksman were at the bathing on the bank of the river while the three monkeys returned from the inspection. Hanuman reported all story to Ramadeva. However, Ramadeva was so angry as Hanuman did over his command and afraid that Dasakanta would kill Sita for a revenge. However, Ramadeva gave his bathing robe to Hanuman as promised and asked the officers to prepare the army to move to Lanka City.

FRAME 40 :Bibhek explained the dream and was exiled.

               Dasakanta had a nightmare and was predicted by his brother- Bibhek that he would cause the disaster among the demons and all demons would be killed. Bibhek also advised his brother to return Sita to Ramadeva to ease the fortune. Dasakanta was so angry and expelled him out of the city. Bibhek checked his own fortune and knew that Ramadeva was the one he should turn to. Therefore, he came to Gandhakala Mount to meet Ramadeva.

FRAME 41 :Bibhek presented himself to Ramadeva and compared the capability of the armies.

    Bibhek was captured by the monkey soldiers and brought to the camp. He told all the story and devoted himself to work in the army. By the way, Ramadeva asked Bibhek to compare the strength of his army to Dasakanta the monkey soldiers showed him their strength and power.

FRAME 42 :Dasakanta asked a soldier to discover the matter of the stone fallen on the throne hall.

           The stones fell down to Lanka’s hall. Dasakanta asked the soldier to discover the cause. Sukrasara transformed himself to a hawk and flew to Gandhakala Mountain for investigation.

FRAME 43 :Sukasara was captured by Hanuman. Dasakanta in the appearance of hermitsugguestedRamadeva to withdraw his army.

   Sukrasara was hurt by one of the stones and fell down in the forest. He then again changed his appearance into a wild monkey and gather into the army. However, Bibhek informed Ramadeva of the case and had Hanuman to catch Sukrasara. Sukrasara was captured and punished before sending back to Lanka City.Dasakanta, after knowing the report from Sukrasara, transformed himself to a hermit and direct to Ramadeva camp, unsuccessfully tried to convince Ramadeva to give up.

FRAME 44 :Dasakanta asked Penyakai to disquise herself as Sita and played a trick to Ramadeva.

         Dasakanta asked his niece – Penyakai to transformed to Sita and would float along the stream to Ramadeva camp so that Ramadeva would withdraw the army if Sita was dead. Penyakai was afraid of Dasakanta. She went to the garden where Sita lived and transformed her appearance to Sita.

FRAME 45 :Ramadeva took a bath in the river and saw the false Sita.

         Penyakai flew across the sea and dropped at the bank of the river. The Penyakai’s transformation floated to Ramadeva camp while Ramadeva and Laksman were bathing. Ramadeva grieved for his wife. Hanuman asked for permission to fire the body to proof. Penyakai could not stand and tried to escape but Hanuman caught her at last. Ramadeva asked Hanuman to send Penyakai back to Lanka. Hanuman got her as his wife.

FRAME 46 :Ramadeva ordered a causeway made to Lanka. The monkey soldiers argued with each other.

             Ramadeva’s army built a causeway to Lanka by throwing rocks into the ocean. Nilabada quarreled with Hanuman. Ramadeva punished them by sending Nilabada back to Kneed Khin to take care in sending provision to the army. Hanuman was asked to finish the causeway within seven days otherwise he would be executed.

FRAME 47 :Dasakanta asked Subarnamarcha to destroy the causeway.

         Dasakanta asked his daughter – Subarnamarcha, half human half fish to destroy the causeway. Hanuman noticed that the causeway was not in progress as much it should be. He investigated and discovered that Subarnamarcha and her troops were taking away the rocks. Subarnamarcha had been caught and was later become Hanuman’s wife and brought back all the rocks.

FRAME 48 :Subarnamarcha gave birth to Marchanu. Maiyaraba the demon took him as a stepson.

              Subarnamarcha gave birth to a son named Marchanu. He had the character of his father with fish tail as his mother. Maiyaraba came to the sea and met Marchanu and adopted him as his son and set him as a guardian of Badala.

FRAME 49 :Ramadeva crossed the causeway and sent Hanuman to seek the armycamp site.

             Ramadeva moved the troops to Lanka. God Indra gave him a war carriage. Dasakanta asked Bhanuraja to hide under the ground so that when the troops came to the place, they all would be buried and killed. However, Bibhek informed all this trick and send Hanuman to kill Bhanuraja. Bibhek suggested to set up the camp at Morakot Mount which was not too far from Lanka.

FRAME 50 :Angata acted as a messenger.

   Ramadeva sent Angata as his envoy to Lanka. Angata was waiting for a long time for the gate guardian to open the door.He then could not stand any longer and was so angry. He broke the gate and proceeded to the hall. Angata sat on his tail which circled up to the same height as Dasakanta throne. He told Dasakanta to return Sita to Ramadeva but Dasakanta asked the demon soldiers to catch Angata. However, Angata, in return killed all the demon soldiers and returned to the camp.

FRAME 51 :Sugriba volunteered to break Dasakanta Magic Umbrella.

                   Dasakanta set up the magic Chatra, the many tiered umbrella which belonged to Dasakanta’s grandfather for protecting the city. Sugriba volunteered to destroy the magic umbrella which blocked the sun from Ramadeva’s camp. Sugriba fought against Dasakanta and destroyed the umbrella successfully.He could also pull out Dasakanta’s crown during the fight and gave it to Ramadeva.

FRAME 52 :Maiyaraba visited Dasakanta and set up a ceremony to make a potion.

          Dasakanta sent his nephews, Nanyavika and Vayuveka to invite Maiyaraba, another demon king, the ruler of Badala, to discuss about the battle against Ramadeva. Maiyaraba came to ask his mother about the relationship between Lanka and Badala and was told by his mother,Candraprabha, not to involve in this war. However, Maiyaraba did not believe his mother and came to help Dasakanta. He performed a ceremomy to make sleeping potion for Ramadeva’s army. That night,Maiyaraba had a nightmare which was later predicted by the fortune teller that his relative would replace him and rule the city instead of him. He was suspicious to a son of his elder sister, Vaiyavika. He then put Vaiyavika in prison.

FRAME 53 :Hanuman guarded the royal pavilion.

          Ramadeva had a nightmare, which was predicted by Bibhek that he was in the bad luck and had to be careful. Hanuman volunteered to guard him by enlarging himself, encircled the pavilion with his arms and keep the pavilion in his mouth. Maiyaraba transformed himself into a wild monkey to get the news in the army and learned that Ramadeva was in the bad fortune which would last upon the rising of the morning star. Maiyaraba lured the monkeys and succeeded in putting everyone to sleep. He kidnapped Ramadeva down to Badala and imprisoned him at the palm woods.

FRAME 54 :Hanuman broke into various checkpoints to Maiyaraba’s town and met Marchanu-his son.

           Laksman ordered Hanuman to free his brother in Badala according to Bibhek’s advice. Hanuman went down and destroyed the defenses to Badala.He met Marchanu and fought against each other but no one was defeated.Hanuman interrogated Marchanu and learned that they are father and son.Marchanu then allowed his father to enter to Badala.

FRAME 55 :Birakavan helped Hanuman to get into the city.

Hanuman entered into the Badala City and was able to free Ramadeva. However, Hanuman had to fight against Maiyaraba.

FRAME 56 :Hanuman killed Maiyaraba, and Kunbhakarna was ordered to fight against Ramadeva.

         Dasakanta asked his brother – Kumbhakarna who was an honest demon to fight against Ramadeva. Kumbhakarna did not agree with him which made Dasakanta very angry. Kumbhakarna then had to follow the command.

FRAME 57 :Kumbhakarna in battle, Bibhek tried to stop the fight, Angata lured the demon and Sugriba root up the great Rang Tree to fight with Kumbhakarna.

    Ramadeva learned from Bibhek that Kumbhakarna moved the troops to fight against him. He sent Bibhek to stop the army but was unsuccessful. Kumbhakarna challenged Ramadeva to fight with him. Sugriba volunteered to fight instead. The demon tricked Sugriba to pull out the great tree to reduce his strength.

FRAME 58 :Sugriba was captured, Hanuman came to save the situation.

    Sugriba lost his strength in pulling the great tree and was caught and brought to Lanka. Hanuman came to rescue and free him. They fought against Kumbhakarna and hurt him. Kumbhakarna escaped from the battle field and reported to Dasakanta. He, then, decided to bring a magic lance – Mokkasak that he left to Brahmin to fight against Ramadeva.

FRAME 59 :Kumbhakarna set up a ritual to sharpen his lance. Hanuman and Angata went to destroy the ritual.

       Kumbhakarna performed a magic ritual to make Mokkasak lance more powerful.Bibhek advised to abolish the ceremony by sending Hanuman and Angata to destroy the rite. The two monkey soldiers transformed themselve into a dead dog and a crow floated along the stream to the ritual area.Kumbhakarna who was an honest and hygiene demon, could not stand for and gave up the ceremony and returned to Lanka.